Risk Identifiers for Gang Membership & Criminal Exploitation





About the Course

This course is designed as an entry level course teaching professional persons who deal with at risk people about he risk factors and signs that exist with those at risk of gang membership or criminal exploitation. Having identified risk students are given advice on how to deal with at risk persons and are given personal guidance on how to do this whilst remaining professional.

This is an international problem and is a growing threat. We discuss how preventing gang crime and exploitation is not the sole responsibility of a single agency. Everyone from parents, local authority to law enforcement have a duty to prevent this area of high harm criminality. Prevention is better than cure and we aim to equip professionals with the knowledge they need to identify those at risk or are actively involved in crime so that interventions and safeguarding can be implemented.

By the end of the course students will possess knowledge that will assist them with their work and will enable them to commence diversion proceedings with a view of supporting the at risk person away from a criminal life.

Your Instructor

Martyn Linton

The course is delivered by Martyn Linton who has personally lived experience of membership of a low level street gang having got involved aged in his early teens. As things escalated he made the tough decision to leave that life behind. His honest belief is that had he not he would now be in jail or worse still dead.

He went on to work in law enforcement. He is a commended Detective having investigated gang crime and he has taught gang and exploitation tactics to law enforcement professionals across the world. He has trained in the US and has patrolled with US gang enforcements unit.

He is an active member of the International Police Association's Police Educators Group and in addition to teaching law enforcement he has taught professional agencies such as the National Health Service, Children's Care Providers, Local Authorities and more.

Martyn Linton